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Summer Safety Tips For Pets!

If your pet is outside during the day, you need to provide adequate shade and plenty of cool water in order to prevent them from overheating in the hot summer sun! If your pet loves water another fun way to help keep them cool is getting them their own personal kiddie pool! There are great affordable options in stores like Walmart, Dollar General, and even Tractor Supply! This is an easy and fun way for pet to beat the summer heat!

If you're into hiking or just like to take your pets on frequent walks in the summer, another great option is a cooling vest! These vests work by evaporative cooling. Just wet it, ring it out, then put it on your pup to help displace their body heat and keep them comfortable even on the hottest days! (The vest must be wet to work, so if you're out for long it will need to be rewetted!)

Another thing to consider is if you're walking your pet on concrete or pavement, place your hand down to check to make sure it won't burn their paw pads. A general rule of thumb is if you cannot comfortably keep your hand on the surface for longer than 3 seconds it's too hot for your pets' feet! You can avoid this by either walking them in the evening or morning, before the summer sun has had a chance to heat it up or getting your pet a stylish pair of boots!

Here are some links to products mentioned above! **We are in no way affiliated with these companies, nor receive any monetary compensation for these items, these are just items I personally have and would recommend!**

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