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After Care Instructions

You have been given the pink sheet discharge instructions from Young Williams Spay Neuter Solutions. Please read it carefully.        


It’s very important that you keep your pet warm, safe and dry for at least 72 hours.  They have been given general anesthesia and it takes about 24 hours for their body temperature to get back to normal.

Pain medicine was administered to your pet so they should be comfortable for the first 24 hours.  DO NOT GIVE them any human pain medication without consulting with a vet.

The incision has been closed with internal stitches that will dissolve. Surgical glue has been applied on the top of the incision.  Follow the instructions on the pink sheet carefully for care of the incision site.  Most importantly, do not bathe your pet for a week.

 Offer them water and bland food when they get home but do not force.   Their appetite should return to normal within 24 hours.  Diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy are not normal.

If your pet was pregnant or in heat, it is critical that you keep them away from males for 10-14 days.  If they are mounted, it can cause severe internal damage.

 For questions directly related to the surgery call Young Williams Spay Neuter Solutions Clinic 865 215-6354.

If you do call, please listen to the message carefully and follow the prompts.




If there is a life threatening emergency after hours, contact your vet or nearest pet emergency clinic. For the Love of Paws will not be responsible for any cost resulting in not following these post op instructions.

Active bleeding from the incision       Incision open exposing organs

Constant vomiting, weakness, or listless 

Examples of an “urgent” problem are:

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